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The Meditation Event Season 1

Dr. Symeon Rodger's The Ocean of Energy
(Videos, MP3s, PDF & Courses)

Dr. Symeon Rodger's The Ocean of Energy package includes 10 Videos, 15 MP3s, 1 eBook, and 4 Comprehensive Online Courses that will provide you with more accurate information about the meditation process in an hour than most meditators ever pick up in a lifetime.
As Chief Training Officer at Global Resilience Solutions, Dr. Symeon Rodger brings to the table over 30 years of personal and professional research into all aspects of personal and corporate resilience. He is a university professor, a clergyman, and a martial arts expert. A bestselling author and inspiring speaker, Symeon is sought after worldwide for his ability to create transformational shifts in audiences of all kinds with his unique mix of tell-it-like-it-is plain truth and laugh-out-loud humor. He is arguably the world's top expert in the ancient world's amazing systems of personal development through spiritual practice, health maintenance and martial arts.
Item #1
The Ocean of Energy (10 Videos & 10 MP3s) $197.00
"Connect with God, Joyfully Achieve Any Dream and Stay Healthy for a Hundred Years"

Be careful... most of what you think you know about meditation is likely leading you astray. In this engaging presentation, Dr. Symeon Rodger unmasks our culturally based misconceptions of how meditation works and what it can do for you. You'll learn about the "Ocean of Energy," a practice so powerful that it has been kept under wraps for over 1500 years. You'll experience your own body's energy system on the call itself! You'll come away after just one hour with more accurate information about the meditation process than most meditators ever pick up in a lifetime, as Dr. Symeon introduces you to the 8 principal types of meditation.

In our brain-centered culture where we delude ourselves into thinking that meditation is exclusively a brain activity, Dr. Symeon will show you how to multiply the effectiveness of your meditation practices by bringing you BODY back into the mix, just as ancient cultures always did. And what if you could STAY in a perfectly calm and blissful meditative state all day long, no matter what physical activity you're engaged in? How amazing would your life be then? The good news is, you CAN and Dr. Symeon will show you how, using an ancient Taoist secret so effective that even Japan's Samurai considered it indispensable.

Have you failed at meditation before? Can't find the time? Not sure which type of meditation will help you achieve the results you want? Plain confused about where to begin? Then this is the class for you! Whether you're looking to meditation to help you connect spiritually, clear yourself emotionally or build you up physically, learning to "swim" in the Ocean of Energy is the sure fire way to make it happen!

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Systematic Manifesting Miracle (Online Course) $147.00
Online course includes includes audio and PDF files.

The Systematic Manifesting Miracle 2.0: 3 Weeks to Easily, Effortlessly and Reliably Creating the Life of Your Dreams...and Loving Every Moment of the Process!

All-New 14-Day Protocol:

Make It REAL: How to Make Your Goal SO REAL that Your Nervous System Thinks You Have It ALREADY!

By following this miraculous 14-Day Protocol, you will:

  • Make your goal SO REAL to you that your nervous and energy systems begin to "re-wire" automatically, so that reaching your goal becomes totally inevitable and seemingly effortless.
  • Make the manifesting process a LOT more FUN than it has ever been for you before.
  • Identify and easily eliminate the "failure disease" that author David Schwartz labelled "excuse-itis" over half a century ago. (If this deadly "virus" still lives inside you, you ain't goin' nowhere ;)
  • The 14-Day Make It REAL protocol will totally transform how you think about and work on your goals. You will manifest faster, more easily and have a lot more fun doing it.
In the Systematic Manifesting Miracle, Version 2.0, you get:

1. The Systematic Manifesting Miracle Program e-Book

2. The Systematic Manifesting Miracle Program audio book

3. The 8 "Mastering the Manifesting Process" Audios:

  1. The Importance of "Feeling Consistently Great"
  2. Switching From Your Rational Guidance System to Your Intuitive Guidance System
  3. How to Free Yourself from the Tyranny of the Newtonian Worldview
  4. How to Get Totally Clear on What You Want to Be, Do and Have
  5. Understanding Your Mind: the Biology of the Manifesting Process
  6. Your BODY as the Key to "Feeling Consistently Great"
  7. How to Clear Your Emotional Blockages Quickly and Effectively
  8. What Energy Healing Can Do for You an Interview with master energy healer, Catherine McLenaghan
Item #3
The Rock Solid Health Qi Gong (Online Course) $97.00
Online course includes includes video, audio, and PDF files.

The 7 Deadly Spirals of Disease refer to what happens to your ebody when you fail to care for the following: your spine, muscles and tendons, fasciae, bone marrow, joints, breathing and posture.

So what's the result of all this? Ever-increasing vulnerability to disease from a weakened immune system. Degenerative disease first of all cancer, cardio-vascular disease and more.

The 5 top Qi Gong systems ever created effectively reverse these spirals of disease, radically improving your health, vitality and immunity. Here's what you get:

  1. The Self-Massage "Wake-Up" Qi Gong Set
  2. The Muscle-Tendon Changing Qi Gong Set (using "The 8 Pieces of Brocade")
  3. Bone Marrow Cleansing Qi Gong
  4. Iron Shirt Qi Gong
  5. Energy Circulation Qi Gong (the Micro-Cosmic Orbit)
Item #4
Rock Solid Tranquility (Online Course) $147.00
Online course includes includes video, audio, and PDF files.

HARA is a Japanese word for an ancient Taoist mind-body energy cultivation method that forms the basis for all Chinese energy work (Qi Gong), for Tai Chi and for Asian martial arts in general. However, its real claim to fame is the incredible health benefits that come from this holistic approach to life:

  1. HARA will eliminate psychological anxiety and stress, together with their physical symptoms
  2. HARA will enable you to enter a new (to you) anxiety-free level of consciousness on demand, and stay there as long as you wish
  3. HARA will lead you to an incredible state of total tranquility and then shows you how to maintain it all day long, no matter what's going on around you
  4. HARA will give you vast amounts of mental and physical energy
  5. HARA will open your body's energy channels (the 12 acupuncture meridians and the 8 extraordinary vessels), supercharging your immune system
  6. HARA will strengthen your body's protective energy barrier ("wei qi" in Chinese medicine), making you a really hard target for colds, flues and other nasty viral / bacterial illnesses
  7. HARA will help to detoxify your inner organs, your blood and all your cells all day long, turning your whole metabolism into a finely tuned instrument
  8. HARA will slow down the aging process and leave you looking and feeling far younger than your chronological age
  9. HARA will not only boost your sexual energy, it will even give you far more control over your sex drive
  10. When you're in a state of HARA (and you'll learn to love staying there all the time!), you cannot experience fear, anxiety, panic or any other negative emotional state.

"Thoroughly impressed"

As a professional author, I usually find "reports" to be lacking in interest and content, and find myself skimming for the 'good parts.' However, I read every word of the this Special Report and was thoroughly impressed, and excited to have the opportunity to work with a man of Symeon's impressive background, level of knowledge, ideas and attention to detail.

SuAnn Kiser Palo Alto, California

"I love it!"

If beating stress is a priority- then this course is a must read. Dr. Symeon Rodger has done a really superb job on it, and it will certainly lead you into an entirely new experience of what it means to be human. This course is truly one of a kind and I love it!

Melissa Scott Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Item #5
The 5 Pillars of Life (eBook) $25.00
The 5 Pillars of Life: Reclaiming Ownership of Your Mind, Body and Future

Here are just a few of the things that you will be able to accomplish by following the exercises in The 5 Pillars of Life:

  • Take back control of your time
  • Kill stress before it kills you
  • Become so calm on the inside that nothing on the outside can even ruffle your feathers
  • Create a wonderful home environment by spreading order like a virus
  • Build radiant health, superb immunity and abundant energy
  • Enjoy wonderful relationships with your friends, colleagues, your spouse or "significant other", your kids, and even with the most difficult people in your life
  • Learn the simple steps to taking control of your financial life so that you never have to worry about money again
  • Overcome all your negative emotions, your hang-ups, complexes and neuroses once and for all
  • Rediscover your unstoppable will power (yes, you really do have it
  • )
  • Learn the most effective life paradigm ever discovered and how it can give you a deliberate, powerful and fulfilling life
  • Turn your life into pure bliss by the art of loving

And here's what you'll find inside...

  • 493 pages of the exact methods ancient traditions have used for millennia to transform human life, and put into language and concrete, simple actions that anyone can do
  • The ONLY book available that explains what religion really is and what spirituality is supposed to do
  • 136 Formulas, Inner Principles and Paradoxes essential to transforming your life
  • 55 life-changing exercises to take you through the whole year
  • A list of 40 principle sources, a professional 20 page index (so you can always find what you want) and 288 end notes to PROVE these sometimes controversial assertions are for real
Item #6
Warriorship Black Belt Program (Online Course) $297.00
The Warriorship Black Belt Program (online course includes includes video, audio, and PDF files).

"Our lives lack a solid foundation..."

That's the truth our culture and society doesn't provide a sound and solid foundation for a powerful and excellent life. The fact is, our society has been unable to do so for centuries, since many features of the Western way of life violate the basic principles of how the human person is constructed.

We no longer have access to that one, single approach to life used the world over for centuries the one approach that puts you firmly and decisively in charge of your life. That approach is Resilience.

This 26 unit online course is designed to:

  • Deliberately create health and immunity
  • Create fitness core strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Establish deep inner tranquility, down to the cellular level
  • Teach you to master your time
  • Put you in charge of your emotions
  • Multiply your physical and mental energy
  • Become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resilient
  • Master your relationships
  • Build the necessary foundation for a truly spiritual life
  • Turn your life into a masterpiece of harmony and elegance

Program includes a hard copy of The 5 Pillars of Life book, the Rock Solid Health Qi Gong DVD set and the Rock Solid Tranquility manual, DVD and CDs, in addition to immediate access to all 26 units online.

Item #7
Integrate, Feel Great and Manifest with EFT (MP3) $29.00
In this wonderful audio presentation, world-famous expert in the Emotional Freedom Technique, Dr. Carol Look, takes you on a healing journey to show you a simple and clinically verified method for cleaning up your own emotional world in just minutes a day!

This emotional cleanse is critical to manifesting your desires and will leave you feeling GREAT.

Item #8
Somatic Power Attraction (4 MP3s) $47.00
Somatic Power Attraction Teleseminar Audios

This totally unique program addresses the serious deficiencies present in most Law of Attraction programs today, particularly their inability to work with and work through your physical body in order to modify your consciousness.

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